PAXIS Institute



PAXIS institute provides unique, practical scientific, consultation, program development, training, and speaking services to organizations and North America and other countries.   Our services are solution-oriented projects to increase measures of more peaceful, productive, healthy and happier communities, organizations, families, schools, businesses and other entities.  We also partner with universities or colleges, research groups, non-profits seeking to make big change, and businesses to develop products that individuals or groups can obtain easily to improve human wellbeing.  Our collaborations often result in products for changing human behavior in the real world for peace, productivity, health and happiness. 

Our teams and partners work on finding effective, practical solutions to human problems and aspirations. While other companies seek to make the next big thing that runs on electronic or silicon-based platforms that require batteries or the grid, we aspire to nurture creative synergy of passionate organizations as the first “carbon valley” to produce practical, cost-effective solutions for the world’s issues vexing human futures and wellbeing.  We search for solutions that are done with other people not to them.  We search for solutions that every person—regardless of wealth, age, status, or education—can have a active roll in bettering their world and themselves. 

Our work on developing solutions is guided by deep scientific principles that can be translated for understanding to all. Further, same scientific and development work is guided by unshakeable commitment of values of maximizing people’s increase of freedom, health, wellbeing, and measurable benefits that they have identified and co-created.  

Training Services

We have multiple training efforts and are constantly developing other partners. The aim of our trainings is for people to leave with practical tools they can use that day or next day.  That is not enough, though. We also want participants to understand the multiple layers of science for those practical tools, how to be an “everyday scientist” of the effects and processes so that they can adapt or innovate for continuous improvement, and become part of larger-learning community so that practice, knowledge and success grows. 

Our training services draw people from diverse walks of life, and we want people who have hands-on experience, not just academic learning. We use evidence-based kernels (See Embry and Biglan, 2008), which are the smallest units of scientifically proven behavioral influence, in the training programs and processes. Often, the training approaches involve the very things you will be using.  We offer training in many areas: 

·      How to create PAX (productivity, peace, health and happiness) in classrooms and schools.

·      How to create PAX outcomes in human service organizations or health-care

·      How to create PAX in business or programmatic services. 

Trainings for the PAX Good Behavior Game®, Reward & Reminder or use of evidence-based kernels to help military families or individuals with addictions are excellent examples for such training. 

Please contact PAXIS about how we might meet your training needs.

Consultation Services

Our consultation services are about helping others create effective solutions to increase PAX (Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness) in political jurisdictions, governmental programs or services, scientific projects on new problems, non-governmental organizations, as well as private entities.  Thus, our consultation services might include helping the client:

·      Develop PAX in governmental organizations to increase productivity, peace, health and happiness in citizens served through policies, practices, programs and strategies.

·      Develop scientific integration across disciplines and programs, including product development to solve new problems or concerns.

·      Develop ways to enhance the cost-effectiveness of existing services by infusing low-cost evidence-based kernels or behavioral vaccines.

One example of our work in this field include developing the Reward & Reminder strategy (see NREPP, National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices) that results in multiple state governments saving millions of dollars quickly, as well as significantly improving the health, wellbeing, and public safety of communities. Another example of work in this field is the development of Towards Flourishing, a Public Health Agency of Canada funded program to reduce post-partum depression in Manitoba.

Please contact PAXIS about how we might meet your consultation needs, as we have a number of scientists and experts who are gifted and helpful.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Dennis Embry, president of PAXIS and its senior scientist, deliver keynote addresses for organizations, governments, businesses, universities, and other entities. Dr. Embry is a dynamic speaker who inspires people for action to protect our communities, schools, families and neighborhoods for the future using powerful, proven strategies.  He often presents with major colleagues on important challenges of the day.  There are hundreds of videos of Dr. Embry speaking on the web.

Please contact PAXIS about how we might meet your speaking needs.


Licensing PAXIS Intellectual Property

PAXIS Institute holds many forms of Intellectual Property associated with improving human wellbeing. We enter into agreements with selected organizations to make use of those proven tools.

Some examples include licensing the PAX Good Behavior materials to create a pre-service training course for new teachers, in collaboration with Wright State University’s College of Education and Human Services.  One proven and tested, the pre-service curriculum will be sold to other colleges and universities, providing a revenue stream for innovating projects by the Wright State and support for new PAXIS endeavors.

Please contact PAXIS about our IP.