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PAX Good Behavior Game

PAX Good Behavior Game

With the PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX for short), Children and adults who care about them in school, at home, and in the community are the heroes of making the world better, and bettering themselves.

The PAX Good Behavior Game is based on multiple “gold standard” studies of classrooms and teachers in the US, Canada, and Europe. PAX GBG may be the most effective strategy a teacher can currently use in his or her classroom to protect children from lifetime mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders while also increasing lifetime academic success.

Everything in PAX was invented by teachers at one time or another, and then tested by fire by some of the world’s best prevention or behavioral scientists.  In your manual, you will find references in every chapter for replicated scientific studies—most of which can be found at (the National Library of Medicine).  Only one of the hundreds of studies related to the tools in PAX GBG is by the developers of PAX GBG. The science is truly worldwide, spanning the United States, Canada, several European Countries, Africa, and findings from First Nations or Tribes.  There are more scientific studies about the components of PAX GBG than virtually any other universal prevention strategy for classrooms.

PAX happens during any normal school activity, yet it is not curriculum.  You can use PAX during math, spelling, science, art, music, in the gym, moving about in the halls, at recess, on the bus, on field trips, in after-school programs, in assemblies and even in homes and places of worship.  PAX GBG is used as a part of ANY school activity.

PAX teaches children to self-regulate, to work together for common goals, and to focus on a positive future they co-create with others. These are core cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills required for peaceful, productive, healthy and happy lives.

PAX GBG is not a classroom or behavior management program, yet has the benefit of making any classroom easier to manage.  PAX reduces teacher and staff stress, and brings back joy into the classroom every day—while increasing time for meaningful instruction and learning.

Watch the videos to learn more about PAX in action, and listen to the teachers, administrators and students speak up.

PAX Good Behavior Game® is officially included on the U.S. National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. View the official listing here.