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Customized Forklift High Precision Positioning System


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Our History
Nanjing Wo Xu Wireless Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, Woxu is the first domestic-based IR-UWB product development of high-tech enterprises, also the world’s top indoor precision positioning chip manufacturers designated the only domestic partners.
Wo Xu in 2013 focused on wireless high-precision positioning system development and sales, the team has a number of software copyright and invention of new patents, positioning accuracy, radio frequency technology, product integration and application development have their own advantages.
Our Product
Wo Xu Products includes the following:
1, UWB Anchor
2, UWB Tag
3, UWB Kits
4, Smart watch
5, Pet trainer
Woxu provides wireless precision positioning of the overall solution, mainly using the UWB, Wi-Fi, BLE, GPS and other technologies to provide the positioning of people and objects to meet a variety of indoor and outdoor positioning needs, positioning accuracy of meters to centimeters level, all-round to meet the security and intelligence of the two core areas.
Product Application
Wo XU positioning system for a wide range of industries, precise positioning conducive to improving control efficiency and personnel safety management.
√  Wisdom Factory
√  Industry 4.0
√  Smart Power Plant
√  Smart Chemical
√  Forklift Crash Prevention
√  Robot / UAV
√  Underground Space
√  Smart Sports
√  Smart Retail
√  Warehouse Pledge
√  Special Training
Our Certificate
The company’s products to complete SRRC, FCC certification, Explosion-proof certification and will soon pass the German Rhine TUV functional safety certification. And we have 6 software copyrights, 3 product appearance patents, 2 utility model patents, 1 invention patent. 
Production Market
Sales area is throughout the world. With sales of $ 4,500,000 in 2016, sales in 2017 increased to nearly $ 8,000,000.
Our service
In the pre-sale, professional project leader communicates with you to understand the specific needs.
In the sales, application engineers provide technical support.
In the aftermarket, time to listen to feedback and product with one- year warranty.Customized Forklift High Precision Positioning System