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The Nurture Effect of PAX: Is It Real?

It’s interesting hear some reactions to the PAX Good Behavior Game.   Some think it must be turning to children into robots, because the children become more pro-social, helpful, and engaged. Others think it’s too soft and fluffy, because the children are not given “consequences” for “bad” behaviors. 

If we cite the incredible scientific research, systematically replicated in the world about PAX GBG, some are so jaded by the anti-science noise in the mass media that they dismiss it. There is nothing like people seeing the benefits and immediate outcomes in their own communities, classrooms, and children.  That’s happening in Ohio, with thousands of children now participating, by the spread of PAX GBG from community-to-community and by word of mouth. And the evidence-based kernels inside of PAX GBG are being used across some of those communities, promoted by community leaders and advocates.

One of those places is Madison County, Ohio where the County Seat is London, OH. Madison County is but 43,000 souls, with about 530 first grade children.  Madison County has the Farm Science Review every year, promoted as the largest farm exhibit in the world.  Now, farmers know a thing or two about Nurture; they know that the bounty of Nature requires a lot of Nurture.  Perhaps this is why Madison County has taken to PAX: To bring out the Good Nature of children requires a lot of Nurture.

Throughout Madison County, organizers of PAX GBG in Ohio are spreading its tools (called, evidence-based kernels) throughout the public square, as well as the schools. This is precisely what the sustainable logic model for PAX calls for.  Three have presentations to local government, which you can read about here.

There is even a big editorial in the main paper, the Madison Press that you can read here.  If you read the editorial, you can sense that people there in Madison County sense the immediate effects of PAX GBG, which have been replicated thousands of times now via direct observational coding.  The skeptic might say, that’s nice but what’s the REAL benefit?

Fortunately, there is an answer to that question of how that Nurture will bring out the Good Nature of children to benefit themselves, their community, their state and their futures.   Based on the replicated outcome researcher, here is what nurturing by PAX will do the Nature of 530 first graders at age 21.  See Madison County PAX GBG Impact Estimator.

As every farmer knows, the nurture of your crops takes time to produce the lasting benefits. In Madison County, they are creating the Nurture effect for children for real.

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