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Research Opportunity in Minnesota

PAXIS Institute is pleased to announce a major research grant ($1.4 million) with the University of Minnesota, funded by the U.S. Institute of Educational Sciences to study ways to improve individual teacher implementation, respecting their concerns and issues, of PAX Good Behavior Game over the 3 years. This is an excelling important investigation, given thousands of teachers learning to use PAX GBG in the US, Canada, Europe and starting in Latin America and Australia.
While it's well proven that PAX GBG works powerfully if teachers implement well and deliberately, as opposed to bits and pieces or even not at all. Why is this important? PAX GBG has very large public health benefits for children's lifetimes, but it depends on adult actions. This is a similar public-health problem involved in my earlier research on getting families to use car safety seats. Lifetime protection from unintentional injury only happens for kids if adults buckle them up, and lifetime protection against mental, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders if adults use PAX or other strategies widely. I hope the PAX GBG user community follows the work closely of our colleagues direct by Dr. Clayton Cook. And stay tuned, after our initial planning meeting on Wednesday in Seattle about this project, we will offer teachers, PAX Partners, administrators, families and studies to share their ideas to improve use of PAX GBG for Dr. Cook's team to examine as ways to support teachers.
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