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Question:  What is the difference between classroom management

Question:  What is the difference between classroom management like Class Dojo and students’ self-regulation produced by PAX GBG?

Adults can have perfect classroom management, but the students can have very poor self-regulation. The analogy is what people do when they see a police car parked by the road checking speed, versus what people do when there are no police cars to check speed or after they pass the police car after a few miles.  Teachers can find a hundreds to programs or practices that promise great classroom management, but crash horribly when you have a substitute teacher. Classroom management gimmicks are cop cars parked by the roadside.  PAX teaches the skill of self-regulation, co-regulation, and group regulation that lasts a lifetime.

How do we know PAX teaches self-regulation?

Because after a few months, you can leave the classroom and talk to a teacher next door or even go to the bathroom without Hell breaking loose. And you didn’t have to threaten students.  After teachers use PAX GBG for a few months, most student mental emotional and behaviors decline. while academic success indicators increase. And, teacher indicators of wellbeing increase with PAX, and teacher stress decreases. Does the classroom management strategy touted on the web or sales pitch do that?

And after one or two years of PAX, students do better in lifetime reading, graduate from high school, avoid virtually every addictive or criminal activity, are less likely to engage in risky sex or attempt suicide to name a few proven outcomes from multiple large studies. So ask yourself? Does the latest fad in classroom management from clip charts, some variety of consequences, or computer app like Classroom Dojo have those types of lifetime beneficial outcomes in prestigious scientific journals? Or are they testimonial hype lie the products “As Seen on TV"? 

So, which is more important?  Teacher control? Or, students’ lifetime of self-regulation?

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