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PAX Good Behavior Game Theory of Change

PAX GBG aims to and actually does—reduce, avert or prevent mental (cognitive), emotional, behavioral and related physical disorders as well as promote mental (cognitive), emotional, behavioral, and physical wellbeing—using previously proven building blocks required to bring about this long-term goal.

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How Can A Nurturing Environment Reduce Bias, Prejudice and Conflict Between Groups?

Human pro-sociality within groups (tribes, clans, etc.) evolved from threat from outside or other groups of humans. For us as a species, our gift of pro-social, nurturing behaviors evolved in context of external threats from the other. Since the invention of stone tools, humans became the principal predator of other humans, and other humans became our principal source of safety.

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Can Classroom Experiences Change Gene Expression in Students?

Almost certainly, which emerges from my thinking in co-authoring a publication soon to appear in Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Most educators, therapists, parents, and policymakers have no idea that the human social environment actually causes changes in the expression of DNA. Chances are that is happening in children’s classrooms right now across America is changing the expression of their genes.

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Can ADHD or other Mental Illnesses that Begin in Childhood Be Prevented or Averted?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how many children actually take medication to correct the “unknown cause” of ADHD that might be heredity, a “chemical imbalance” or “brain changes” in the United States. We have a pretty good answer to that question, which was discovered by the Wall Street Journal (Mathews, 2010). In 2009, 24.3 million children (0-19) out of 75 million had at least one prescription for an ADHD medication. That is one-third of all young people in America.

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TEDx Presentation Now Available

Dennis Embry speaking at TEDx conference in Whitehorse, AK.

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