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Why Should I Tootle or Be Tootled?  Isn’t That Harmful Reinforcement?

“Why should I praise, compliment or tootle (our PAX word for kids) my students for things they should be doing anyway?” This was a question posed to on a PAX Good Behavior Game webinar for over 100 sites using PAX GBG.

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Can ADHD or other Mental Illnesses that Begin in Childhood Be Prevented or Averted?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how many children actually take medication to correct the “unknown cause” of ADHD that might be heredity, a “chemical imbalance” or “brain changes” in the United States. We have a pretty good answer to that question, which was discovered by the Wall Street Journal (Mathews, 2010). In 2009, 24.3 million children (0-19) out of 75 million had at least one prescription for an ADHD medication. That is one-third of all young people in America.

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