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2016 PAX International Partner Training November 2-4 in Dayton, Ohio! 

Learn how to partner the 4th edition Manual with new training videos and Partner Workbook (both included with registration)!

Dig deeper into PAX with training by presenters and researchers from around the United States on the foundations and the impacts of PAX!

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There will be no PAX GBG Training at this year's event. PAX GBG Training is required for attendance. Please contact us to help find a training near you if you would still like to attend.

PAXIS Institute is doing stuff. Great stuff.

If there is a big problem in human behavior, we find simple solutions that can go big to have big results. Not many companies do what we do.

We use the best science to figure out why the big problem is happening. We don’t get caught up in small, pet theories.  We look for explanations that can be leveraged for big change, and that will not take a lot of coin to make the big change.

We also ask a profoundly simple question in developing solutions for big problems: “Which solutions will reduce multiple problems, and which solutions will provide the broadest impact across multiple problems?”  If a solution has a broad and not just a big impact, chances are that solution will be more sustainable.   Why? When more people benefit, more people have a stake in the big change.

Our team helps organizations from schools to businesses to whole communities, states, provinces, and even countries find, implement, promote, monitor or evaluate, and improve to solve the biggest problem we face—human behavior. We don’t design strategies done to people; we design strategies to be done with people at every level for lasting change.

Please learn more about our products, services, partners, and science.


Walking into Erin Van Dyke’s kindergarten class at Bellview Elementary in Ashland when it’s time to do a quiet activity, the first thing a visitor might wonder is how the room of about 20 children is so quiet.

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Research Opportunity in Minnesota
PAXIS Institute is pleased to announce a major research grant ($1.4 million) with the University of Minnesota, funded by the U.S. Institute of Educational Sciences.

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